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Barbarian: Section 5: Fury Generator’s Analyzed

by Jassper of The Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

The barbarian has three primary fury generator at the disposal. Bash, Cleave and Frenzy. They are all melee attacks and spammable. I will provide a short look at each skill with some informations regarding usage and synergies.


Bash is the first Fury Generator unlocked. It attacks the enemy with a single hard hit and has a chance to knock them back. While the knock back can sometimes pose a problem if you are up against a small target, it is great at creating some space when you are fighting a large mob. Because it has a very high base damage (6 fury per hit) it is an excellent choice for an all-around build.

Clobber is a good choice for a fast attack build. It is only useful in Normal and Nightmare mode because beyond that the boss mobs have stun reduction or resistance.

Onslaught is a strong choice for everything except Fury-less builds. It deals almost 200% damage, 3 critical hits and a ton of fury. Your generator is your main damage source.

Punish: A great Rune because it gives extra damage with all your attacks. When using Punish you need to close your gaps quickly while in battle, but the faster attack speed gives you a higher bonus in a short amount of time.

Instigation: Solid fury generation. With 12 fury per hit you should be able to fuel your fury spender without any problems. The lack of additional damage compared to Onslaught makes it bit weaker if you can provide crit rating and Into the Fray in your build. Overall, this is a great way to fuel SS or HotA in a fury heavy build.

Pulverize is possibly the most damaging rune in the lot. You need to hit at least one extra target to get close to the damage of Onslaught. The problem with this rune is that there are many better ways to produce constant AOE damage. If you want a bit of extra AOE DPS, it’s not a bad option but other runes should be considered first.


Next, let’s take a look at Cleave, followed by Frenzy.

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