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Barbarian: Section 6: Barbarian Shouts

by Jassper of The Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

The barbarian has 3 shouts at his desposal. Two are fury generators, War Cry and Threatening Shout and the fury spender Battle Rage. The passive Inspiring Presence does double the duration of all three shouts.

Threatening Shout

Threatening Shout is a strong defense skill that is particularly useful in group play. When fighting hard-hitting boss mobs it debuffs them for 25 yards and reduces the damage of all influenced mobs by 20% for 15 seconds. This skill can be used continuously in a fight, but there is a 15 second cooldown and it burns 15 Fury each time. You can use Threatening Shout against more than one mob at the same time if you combine it with Inspiring Presence.

Intimidate can give your group a huge tactical advantage with attack/retreat strategy and positioning. It slows down all the boss mobs in range and stops them from eating frail ranged classes. This also helps you to stay close and protect them as well. Intimidate makes Hit-and-Run easier however some mobs are so fast that unfortunately they won’t be slowed down as much.

Falter decreases the attack speed of the mob for 5 seconds. It’s good when you need more defense for your group.

Grim Harvest only has one shot on every mob, but if you are looking for more magic items or are doing some heavy farming it may be worthwhile. This can produce gold, globes, white, blue, rare, or legendary. You can get quite a good amount of gold using this in Inferno mode. Every mob you hit with this skill has a 15% chance of dropping an additional item at the moment its hit by the shout. You must remember that if your first attempt using this fails you will not get any items from this skill.

Terrify is good to use in a pinch when saving a group member or if you need space in battle. The flee time is 2.5 seconds which should let you relieve some pressure but it can be a gamble because the chance per mob is pretty low.

Now, let’s take at look at the skill no barbarian can live without, War Cry.

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