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Barbarian: Section 3: Barbarian Stats and Attributes

by Jassper of The Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

Each class has a few stats that are key to it’s success and a few that aren’t quite as useful. Additionally, there are some stats that are only available in certain item slots, which automatically makes them a higher priority for that particular slot (e.g. attack speed on amulets and rings).

In general, these are the best and worst stats for the barbarian.

Stats to focus on:

Resist All - extremely important damage mitigation in later difficulties

Vitality – stack as much as you can

Armor – crucial for your survival

Strength – provides you with both damage and armor

Stats to avoid:

Dexterity – gives +~0.1% dodge per point…best left for Monks and Demon Hunters

Intelligence – gives +0.1 to all resists…left for Wizards and Witch Doctors

Pickup radius – useful in small amounts to save time but not something to focus on

Strength – It’s Multiple Benefits

This is one of your primary stats to look for when gearing your Barbarian. Strength will not only increase your Barbarian’s damage but also his armor.

Damage Contribution
1 Strength = 1% additional damage

Armor Contribution

1 Strength = 1 additional armor

Armor – All About Damage Reduction

Armor reduces the amount of damage taken from ALL sources. Many players believe that armor is only effective against physical attacks but the fact of the matter is that it provides a total damage reduction even against magical attacks/environmental attacks.

Armor is obtained from gear and strength and can be buffed with various abilities, such as Nerves of Steel and the Enchantress 15% bonus.

The formula for armor is as follows:

Reduction = [Armor/(Armor + (Monster Level × 50))] × 100%

Armor against Lvl 60 monster

Armor % Damage Reduction
3000 50
4500 60
7000 70
9000 75
12000 80
17000 85

Vitality For The Barbarian

Vitality is a staple of almost all classes. While some kiting, glass cannon specs/classes don’t need quite as much, melee classes like the barbarian should be stacking quite a bit.

Vitality provides your health, or hit points and you want as much of it as you can get. Bear in mind also that with the barbarian’s passive Nerves of Steel, you can gain 100% of your vitality as armor, giving this stat dual utility.

Below is some of the more detailed math on how vitality works:

Vitality Provides +x Life

If player level < 35, x = 10

If player level ≥ 35, x = Level − 25

At level 60, each point of vitality adds 35 life. This does not include 36 base life and +4 life per level.

Total Life Calculation:

Player level < 35, Life = (Vitality × 10) + (Level × 4) + 36

Player level ≥ 35, Life = Vitality × (Level − 25) + (Level × 4) + 36

To determine how much vitality to stack on your Barbarian, take a look at the section titled “Recommended Inferno Stats By Act”.

Shield Block – Even More Damage Mitigation

Shield Block, or Block amount is an often confusing stat to many players. Take at look at the following item.

Notice that this Sacred Shield has a Block range of 3706-4706. That means that whenenever the shield blocks (20% of the time in this case) you will an amount of damage within that range.

Every melee and ranged attack has the block chance to be blocked up to the block amount of damage. If the attack holds more damage than the shield can block the additional damage will hit you.

Your block is applied after armor/resistances are factored in. If this were not the case, shields would be fairly useless at later difficulty levels. Note that you can block any damage, including ranged attacks, magic attacks, AOE attacks, DOTs, etc. Also, blocking works the same no matter which the direction you’re facing or whether you are standing still or moving.

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