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Diablo 3 Barbarian Leveling Build – Part 2 of 3

by Jassper of The Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

Diablo 3 Barbarian Leveling BuildIn the Diablo 3 Barbarian Leveling Build Guide Part 1, I discussed the best skills to use while leveling your new barbarian from level 1-10. In part 2, we will dive a little deeper and analyze some of the ways to increase your leveling speed as you battle your way up to level 20!

* UPDATE: Part 2 of the Barbarian Leveling Build has been updated with the latest information from the final release of Diablo III.

Barbarian Leveling Build: Levels 11-20

As your barbarian levels through the game, he will gain access to more powerful active skills to help him during the leveling process. At levels 12 and 18 you will gain access to additional skill slots and at level 20 you will be given your second passive skill.

Below are the active and passive skills you should be using by the time you hit level 20.

Barbarian FrenzyActive Barbarian Skill – Frenzy (Fury Generator)

Frenzy is both an attack and a buff at the same time. The attack itself hits for 110% damage. Nothing too incredible. However, for every swing of the attack, you’ll increase your attack speed by 15%, capping out at 75% after 5 swings. 75% increased attack speed is pretty huge and you can expect to do a good deal of damage while under the effects of it.

Keep in mind, this attack speed buff only applies to the Frenzy ability, so your other attacks will not benefit from it. Frenzy replaces Cleave.

Best Skill Rune - Sidearm

Sidearm gives a bit of an AOE to Frenzy. Every time you attack with a Frenzy strike, you have a 1 in 4 chance to fire off an axe at monsters around you. This axe will do 110% damage and will pierce through enemies, potentially hitting quite a few mobs before it’s done.

Barbarian RendActive Barbarian Skill – Rend (Fury Spender)

Continue using Rend to apply a bleed effect to groups of enemies at the beginning of a fight. At level 11, use the Ravage rune and at level 19 switch to…

Best Skill Rune- Blood Lust

Blood Lust returns life to you in the form of 9% of the Rend damage you do. This is a great survivability rune that will undoubtedly help keep you up and running.

Barbarian Leap Attack

Active Barbarian Skill – Leap Attack (Fury Generator)

Time to add a skill rune to Leap Attack!

Best Skill Rune- Iron Impact

Iron Impact grants you an additional 300% armor after you land from leaping. Assuming you’ll frequently be leaping into hordes of enemies, this will probably come in handy ;)

Barbarian Revenge

Active Barbarian Skill – Revenge (Situational)

Revenge is a powerful and multi-purpose barbarian skill. Each time you are hit (which will be quite often with large groups of enemies pounding on you…) you will have a 15% chance to inflict 220% weapon damage to all enemies within your immediate vicinity.  What’s more is that every time an enemy hits you, you’ll gain back 5% of your barbarian’s Life.  That’s right, 5%, every single time while Revenge is active. Overall, this a pretty amazing skill and a must-have for nearly every barbarian.

Best Skill Rune - Vengeance Is Mine

The Vengeance Is Mine skill rune grants you 5 Fury and returns 8% of your life for every single enemy hit by the ability. This is great for survivability and also keeping your Fury high, which will benefit us with the new passive ability we are going to be picking up at level 20. Revenge replaces Ancient Spear.

Barbarian Threatening ShoutActive Barbarian Skill – Threatening Shout (Fury Generator)

Threatening Shout is another good ability to help mitigate damage as you’re fighting. This skill has an effective radius of 25 yards and will reduce the amount of damage done by enemies within that radius by 20% for 15 seconds.

Best Skill Rune- (None available for levels 11-20)

Barbarian Weapons MasterPassive Barbarian Skill – Weapons Master

At level 16, you’ll want to drop Pound of Flesh and pick up Weapons Master. This passive ability gives a variety of bonus effects depending on which type of weapon you have equipped in your main hand…and they’re all very powerful.

Mighty Weapon – Increases the amount of Fury generated per hit by 3
Maces or Axes – Increases your critical hit chance by 10%
Swords or Daggers – A flat damage increase of 15%
Polearms or Spears – Increases your attack speed by 10%

Barbarian Berserker RagePassive Barbarian Skill – Berserker Rage

At level 20 you gain access to Berserker Rage. This is when your barbarian will really start to shine. You may have noticed that we have a lot of Fury-generating abilities and not many abilities which use it. You may have thought that I’ve lost my mind or simply wasn’t thinking. Well, I have definitely lost my mind but there’s a method to my madess here.

Berserker Rage allows you to inflict an additional 25% damage when you’re at maximum Fury. You’re going to be at full Fury nearly the entirety of each fight, so boom…a flat 25% increase to you damage with one passive ability. Pretty awesome!


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Wrap Up

Thanks for reading Part 2 of the Diablo 3 Barbarian Leveling Build Guide. Be sure to check out Part 3 where we cover the final skills you’ll be using to complete your barbarian leveling build!


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