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Monk Leveling Guide

Monk Guide

Welcome to the Diablo 3 Monk Leveling Guide section!

The monk class is a powerfully disciplined group of martial arts masters who have trained their bodies and minds to be weapons of death.

Within the leveling guides below, you will discover endless strategies, tips, tricks and walk-throughs to aid you in powerleveling your monk through Diablo 3 easily and fast.

Enjoy the reading!

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SECTION I: Monk Class Overview (FREE)

    • A Brief History of the Monk
    • Key Skills and Features
    • Monk Gear Options
    • Spirit – The Monk’s Resource
    • Mantras

SECTION II: Important Monk Abbreviations

SECTION III: Monk Stats & Attributes (Sample Available)

    • Monk Stat Priority
    • Dexterity – A Full Analysis
    • Life on Hit vs. Life Steal
    • Resistances – How Much, What Kind and Why
    • Crit % and Crit Damage For Massive DPS
    • Armor – Complete Facts and How Much You Need
    • Increased Attack Speed (IAS) – For Both Damage and Healing
    • Life Per Spirit Spent – Its Role In Endgame
    • Vitality – An In-Depth Analysis For the Monk
    • Intelligence and Strength – More Important Than You Think

SECTION IV: Monk Followers (Sample Available)

    • Choosing Your Follower
    • Best Follower For the Monk
    • The Most Useful Follower Skills / Spec
    • Gearing Your Follower

SECTION V: Monk Nightmare and Hell Guide

    • Nightmare and Hell Stat Priorities
    • The Best Nightmare and Hell Builds

SECTION VI: Preparing Your Monk For Inferno

    • The Proper Inferno Mindset
    • Recommended Inferno Stats By Act

SECTION VII: Ultimate Monk Survival Build (Sample Available)

    • Ultimate Survival Inferno Build
    • Hotkey Guide
    • Skill Usage Tips and Explanations

SECTION VIII: Gearing Your Monk For Inferno Sample Available

    • Inferno Gear Tips
    • Weapons – What to Use and Why
    • Shields
    • Amulets and Rings
    • Chest Armor
    • Boots
    • Helms
    • Gloves
    • Belts
    • Bracers
    • Pants
    • Shoulders

SECTION IX: Monk Gear Charts And Tables

    • Table – Attack Speed Per Slot
    • Table – Critical Hit Chance Per Slot
    • Table – Life On Hit Per Slot
    • Chart – Max Attributes Per Gear Type

SECTION IX: Monk Combat Strategies

SECTION X: Monk Boss Strategies

SECTION XI: Monk Farming Guide

SECTION XII: Using The Monk In Group Play


Monk Leveling Guide: Class Overview

This guide will introduce you to the Monk and teach you the basics of the class such as:

  • A Brief History of the Monk
  • Key Skills and Features of the Monk
  • Monk Gear Options
  • Spirit – The Monk’s Resource
  • Mantras

Monk Leveling Build: Part 1

Here I cover the best skills and runes you should be using to get started off on the right foot leveling your Monk.

Monk Leveling Build: Part 2

Part 2 introduces a new batch of Monk skills that will not only increase the damage you do while leveling but also provide you with a good amount of useful abilities to stay alive!

Monk Leveling Build: Part 3

As you enter into the upper level ranges, choosing the right abilities becomes even more important for fast leveling. Part 3 covers, in detail, the exact runes and skills you should be using and why I believe them to be the best choices.

Advanced Monk Builds And Strategies For Endgame

In this article, you will learn some of the key Monk abilities and strategies to use as you get into the more challenging difficulty modes of Diablo III. Also, you will learn how to optimize your build for both solo and group play.

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