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Witch Doctor Leveling Guide

Witch Doctor Guide

Welcome to the Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Leveling Guide section of the site!

The witch doctor class uses their connection with other-wordly forces to smite their enemies using dark magics, rancid plagues and swarms of vicious minions.

In the witch doctor library below, you will find numerous  tips, tricks, strategies and walk-throughs to help you powerlevel your new witch doctor through Diablo 3 with ease!

Enjoy the reading!


In the Witch Doctor Mastery Course, I will show you to choose the best spec, the best gear, the best followers and the best combat strategies to help your witch doctor tear through everything in his/her path. This is truly an awesome class to play and with proper tuning I’d say it might actually be the most powerful…

SECTION I: Witch Doctor Class Overview (FREE)

    • The Witch Doctor’s Defining Attributes and Skills
    • The Origins of the Witch Doctor
    • Gearing Your Witch Doctor
    • How a Witch Doctor Uses Mana
    • Pets and Minions

SECTION II: Important Witch Doctor Abbreviations

SECTION III: Witch Doctor Stat Priorities

    • Best Offensive Stats
    • Best Defensive Stats
    • Optional Defensive Stats

SECTION IV: Witch Doctor Stat Analysis

    • Intelligence – For Damage and Survival
    • Dexterity
    • Strength
    • Life on Hit (LoH) vs Life Steal
    • Resistances – Surviving the Onslaught
    • Critical Hit and Crit Damage – Your Damage Multipliers
    • Armor – How It Works and Why
    • Increased Attack Speed – Damage and Movement Perks
    • Vitality – Core Fundamentals
    • Chance on Hit To CC
    • Reduced Damage From Elites
    • Witch Doctor-Specific Stats

SECTION V: The Best Witch Doctor Follower

    • Choosing Your Follower
    • Follower Build
    • Gearing Your Follower

SECTION VI: Nightmare and Hell Build (Sample Available)

    • Stat Priorities In Nightmare and Hell
    • The Build
    • Recommended Minimum Stats
    • How the Build Works

SECTION VII: Full Inferno Guide (Sample Available)

    • Recommended Inferno Stats By Act
    • The Build
    • General Tips
    • How to Use the Build

SECTION VIII: Inferno Gear Guide

    • The Best Offensive Stats
    • The Best Defensive Stats
    • Witch Doctor Legendaries
    • Choosing Your Weapon and Off-hand
    • How To Gear Each Item Slot
    • A Gear Farming Guide
    • How To Find Cheap Gear on the Auction House

SECTION IX: Witch Doctor Pet Guide

    • How To Keep Your Pets Alive
    • Ideal Health Ranges For Pets

SECTION X: Witch Doctor Combat Strategies

    • Tips For Dealing With Champions and Rares
    • Each Monster Affix Strategy Detailed

SECTION XI: Witch Doctor Boss Strategies

Witch Doctor Leveling Guide: Class Overview

The Witch Doctor class is a very unique addition to the Diablo 3 universe. This guide gives you an overview of their key traits such as:

  • The Witch Doctor’s Defining Attributes and Skills
  • The Origins of the Witch Doctor
  • Gearing Your Witch Doctor
  • How a Witch Doctor Uses Mana
  • Pets and Minions

Witch Doctor Leveling Build: Part 1

Getting started with the Witch Doctor can be a little confusing. Part 1 of this leveling build guide teaches you the ins and outs of the best leveling skills to use in the beginning levels of the game.

Witch Doctor Leveling Build: Part 2

As you progress through levels in Diablo 3, you’ll want to make sure you’re always using the optimal skills and abilities to ensure fast leveling and minimal dying. Part 2 goes into great detail about these important considerations.

Witch Doctor Leveling Build: Part 3

Now that you’ve made it through all of the early content, it’s time to start really defining the type of character you want your Witch Doctor to be. In Part 3, I help you choose some of the most powerful skills to maximize DPS, survivability and leveling speed.


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lucky June 4, 2012 at 8:50 pm

Hi there, great guide, it helped me a lot, I got a little bit lost on nightmare mode, my build wasn’t enought for the monsters, I’ve to say your skills build was really helful, now I’m on level 36. I think your guide needs and update for levels 30-40 and 40 – upcoming levels. Zombie dogs are not really efective and they die really fast.


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