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Wizard Leveling Guide

Wizard Guide

Welcome to the Diablo 3 Wizard Leveling Guide section of the site!

The wizard is a master conjurer, channeling the arcane energies of the world around him to unleash in devastating magical attacks.

In the wizard guides below, check out the many tips, tricks, strategies and walk-throughs and power-level your young wizard from 1-60 in Diablo 3 fast!



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The wizard class can be extremely fun and very powerful but they also require a bit of knowledge to play properly. As one of the more fragile classes in the game, it is very important to learn about the best spec, gear and combat tactics to ensure success in the more difficult levels of Diablo 3.

SECTION I: Wizard Class Overview (FREE)

    • The History of Wizards
    • Defining Features of the Class
    • The Wizard Resource – Arcane Power
    • Weapons and Other Gear

SECTION II: Important Wizard Abbreviations

SECTION III: Wizard Stats & Attributes (Sample Available)

    • Wizard Stat Priority
    • Key Offensive Stats
    • Key Defensive Stats
    • Intelligence – Fuel For Your Arcane Powers
    • Dexterity
    • Strength
    • Life on Hit (LoH) vs Life Steal
    • Resistances – How Much, What Kind and Why
    • Critical % and Crit Damage – The Path To High DPS
    • Armor – Everything You Need To Know
    • Increased Attack Speed – Not Just For Damage
    • Vitality – Core Fundamentals
    • % Life
    • Chance on Hit To Crowd Control
    • Reduced Damage From Elites
    • Wizard-Specific Stats

SECTION IV: Wizard Followers (Sample Available)

    • Choosing Your Follower
    • Best Follower For the Wizard
    • The Most Useful Follower Skills / Spec
    • Gearing Your Follower

SECTION V: Wizard Nightmare and Hell Guide

    • The Top 3 Nightmare and Hell Stats
    • The Best Nightmare and Hell Build
    • Skill Usage Tips and Strategies
    • Choosing Your Gear and Follower

SECTION VI: Preparing Your Wizard For Inferno

    • Getting Started With Inferno Mode
    • Recommended Inferno Stats By Act

SECTION VII: Ultimate Wizard Inferno Build (Sample Available)

    • Ultimate Survival Inferno Build
    • Hotkey Guide
    • Skill Usage Tips and Explanations

SECTION VIII: Gearing Your Wizard For Inferno (Sample Available)

    • How To Choose Offensive Gear
    • Helm
    • Gloves
    • Bracers
    • Amulet
    • Rings
    • Weapon
    • Off-hand
    • How To Choose Defensive Gear
    • Shoulders
    • Chest
    • Belt
    • Legs
    • Boots

SECTION IX: Wizard Combat Strategies

SECTION X: Wizard Boss Strategies


Wizard Leveling Guide: Class Overview

The Wizard has appeared in many forms in many different games. Mages, Sorcerers and Warlocks are all rough variants of the same style of class. However, each version has its own unique characteristics and features. This class over covers the traits that make the Diablo 3 Wizard class special, such as:

  • The History of Wizards
  • Defining Features of the Class
  • The Wizard Resource – Arcane Power
  • Weapons and Other Gear

Wizard Leveling Build: Part 1

Start reading here for tips on the best Wizard skills and runes to use as you embark on your journey throughout the world of Diablo III.

Wizard Leveling Build: Part 2

Part 2 continues on to explain the more advance Wizard abilities and which ones are optimal to be using as you continue to gain levels. Fast leveling is a product of consistent effort and proper decisions. Here we aim to nail down the decisions!

Wizard Leveling Build: Part 3

As you reach some of the more difficult levels of Diablo III, you’ll want to make sure you’re making use of all the best abilities and skill runes that the Wizard has to offer. In Part 3 of this build guide, I cover some of the best leveling skills and go over how and why certain skills work well together when trying to level quickly!

Advanced Wizard Kiting Strategies

This article discusses in detail everything you need to know in order to successfully kite enemies throughout the Hell and Inferno modes of Diablo 3. The strategies in this article are useful whether you’re using a wizard or any other ranged class.


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