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Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Leveling Build – Part 1 of 3

by Jassper of The Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

Demon Hunter BuildThroughout this three part Demon Hunter Leveling Build Guide, I will be outlining my predictions for the best demon hunter build for fast power leveling in Diablo 3. For a comprehensive Diablo 3 Leveling Guide, stay tuned for Diablo 3 Leveling Secrets, still in production!

Best Demon Hunter Leveling Build

As a demon hunter, it will be important throughout the leveling process to not only be able to quickly kill your enemies but to stay alive as well. To do that, you’ll also need some tips and strategies to stay out of harm’s way. Demon hunters don’t have the thickest armor and, as such, I will be basing this build around abilities which add to your survivability, kiting skills, and massive AOE damage.

Please keep in mind that Diablo 3 is currently still in its beta stage. Because of this, some of these skills may be altered before release and necessitate updates to this guide. Rest assured that I will keep this Diablo 3 build current and accurate at all times.

* UPDATE: Part 1 of this Demon Hunter Leveling build is now updated with the latest information from the final release of Diablo III.

Alrighty, here we go!


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Demon Hunter Leveling Build: Levels 1-10

As you are just beginning with your demon hunter at level 1, you may find yourself unable to immediately access some of the skills and abilities which I recommend. Don’t let this worry you, as it’s perfectly acceptable to use whatever skills you find most useful until you gain access to the recommended abilities.

The demon hunter is unique in that it is the only class to have a dual resource system. They use Hatred for many of their damage-dealing abilities and Discipline for many of their defensive abilities. In accordance with this unique yin-yang resource system, the demon hunter has three categories of skills: Hatred Generators, Hatred Spenders and Discipline Spenders. While both Hatred and Discipline will regenerate on their own over time, only Hatred can be generated through the use of specific abilities. To acquire more Discipline, you’ll have to be patient. I guess that’s why they call it Discipline, huh?

By level 10, aim to be using the skills listed below:

Evasive FireActive Demon Hunter Skill – Hungering Arrow (Hatred Generator)

Hungering Arrow fires an arrow at your target that does 150% damage. Additionally, it has a 35% chance to pierce completely through the target, hitting enemies that might be standing behind it. This is the first ability you will gain access to when playing your Demon Hunter and it will server you well for the first few levels.

Best Skill Rune- Puncturing Arrow

Puncturing Arrow increases the odds that your shot will pierce your target from 35% up to 50%.

Rapid FireActive Demon Hunter Skill – Rapid Fire (Hatred Spender)

Rapid Fire is your first Hatred Spender, costing 20 Hatred to cast and 10 more to continue channeling as you fire at your targets. This skill does 228% physical damage to your targets and is really great for laying out a massive amount of firepower to groups of enemies.

Best Skill Rune - Fire Support

The Fire Support rune will give you the added benefit of launching 4 guided missiles every 1 second at surrounding enemies. Each rocket will do 35% physical damage to its target.

Demon Hunter CaltropsActive Demon Hunter Skill – Caltrops (Discipline Spender)

Caltrops is a useful ability to help you keep your distance from enemies. With Caltrops, your demon hunter will thrown down a trap that slows approaching enemies. The enemies are slowed by 60% for 6 seconds. This ability will slow all enemies within 12 yards of the trap, allowing you to back away a bit and lay waste to them from a distance!

Best Skill Rune(None available for levels 1-10)

Demon Hunter VaultActive Demon Hunter Skill – Vault (Discipline Spender)

Vault is a great movement speed-increasing ability, allowing you to jump forward quickly by 35 yards. This is great for escaping from tough situations, catching up to running foes and generally speeding up your travels throughout the Diablo 3 realm.

Best Skill Rune(None available for levels 1-10)

Demon Hunter Thrill of the HuntPassive Demon Hunter Skill – Thrill of the Hunt

At level 10, pick up Thrill of the Hunt. With this passive, your bow attacks will immobilize an enemy for 3 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 10 seconds. While seemingly subtle, this immobilization will add up over time and overall speed up your leveling because you’ll be taking slightly less damage. In general though, this is just the best passive you can pick up for the time being. There are much cooler ones in the higher levels ;)

Wrap Up

By this point, you’re probably getting quite good at using your new demon hunter to seek and destroy the demonic forces in the Diablo III world. Next, in Part 2 of the Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Leveling Build Guide I will cover the best skills and abilities to use when working your way through levels 11-20.


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