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Diablo 3 Leveling Zones – Act 4

by Jassper of The Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

The  Diablo 3 leveling zones in Act 4 are perhaps the most shrouded in secrecy.  Essentially, we currently know two major things about Diablo 3 Act 4:

1) Act 4 does not take place in the city of Ureh


2) Diablo will be the final boss in the game!


Have I mentioned recently how much I am looking forward to this game?!

I will post an announcement on the front page as soon as more substantial information is known. At that point, I will discuss some of the best Diablo 3 leveling zones and the Diablo 3 leveling areas that grant the best experience per hour to get your character to level 60 fast!


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