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Diablo 3 Power Leveling Tip – Another Great XP Farming Spot

by Jassper of The Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

Today I have another great power leveling location for you. At level 56, my monk was getting about 1 bar (10% of a level) in a 3-4 minute run, or between 3 and 5 million XP per hour. I was also getting anywhere from 10,000 – 50,000 in gold and loot, depending on how lucky I was with the drops.

However, before we get started, I’d like to address a couple comments I’ve heard a few times now:

“Oh my god, that’s so slow compared to _____”
“Holy crap, I know 5 locations that earn 10x as much XP in half the time!”
“WTF!? NOOOOOb!!!1″

As some of these experts have pointed out, there are indeed exploitable locations in Diablo 3 that will provide an insane amount of XP in a short amount of time….AND they are being nerfed and patched at lightning speed by Blizzard.

Personally, I don’t see any value in providing you with tips and strategies based on a bug or an exploit that will be completely useless in a matter of days. The tips I’m providing are realistic, non-loophole ways of choosing great areas to help gain a few quick levels and, as such, will likely remain in the game and be useful power leveling locations for quite some time. Ok, enough ranting!

In the video, I am running through this particular location on a level 56 monk in Hell, however you can use this tip with any class in Normal, Nightmare or Hell Mode.

You can watch this power leveling guide in either video format or as a written and illustrated tutorial.


Time Needed: 3-5 Minutes
XP Earned: 3-5 Million/Hr
Difficulty: Moderate
Gold Earned: Good

Power Leveling in the Lair of the Witch – Video

For more tips and strategies, check out this complete guide

Power Leveling in the Lair of the Witch – Illustrated

1) This power leveling spot is located in Act II, Part 3: City of Blood, Lair of the Witch. Go ahead and select this quest and enter the game. If you are started in town, you’ll need to take the waypoint to Alcarnus and run to the Southeast for a few seconds until you come to a bridge. That is the beginning of the power leveling area.


2) Follow this patch around the area, killing the groups of mobs you encounter.


3) Typically you’ll find 1 rare spawn and a pack of champions. I usually avoid the cellars in town, as they have very few mobs and ultimately don’t provide much bang for your buck.

Power Leveling Tip: Always follow the 80/20 rule. Seek to to derive 80% of your benefit from 20% of your effort. In power leveling, that means, wipe out nice, large groups quickly, but don’t waste time chasing down 1 or 2 runners or outlying mobs. That will take more time than it’s worth and not provide you much XP in return.

4) After clearing the lower area, head up the stairs.

5) In the upper section, take out the large packs quickly. There usually aren’t any rares or champions up here, so just mow through the normal mobs as fast as possible and keep going.


6) Head into the Lair of the Witch.


7) Kill Maghda. It’s a relatively easy fight. Her main attack is a sort of locust breath looking thing. It doesn’t hit very hard so nothing to worry about there. She will also periodically go immune and spawn a couple of easy mobs. Kill them and her shield will drop, allowing you to continue DPSing her. Repeat this cycle until she’s dead.


8 ) Collect your loot and a nice 71,500 XP.

9) Exit the game, return to you quest selector, choose Lair of the Witch again and resume game. Don’t worry about the message regarding your saved progress. You’ll get that each time you complete the quest.

10) Rinse and repeat!

FYI: For the last few months I’ve been working closely with the guys over at Inferno Codex to create tons of strategies, tips and tutorials like this one in their guide. If you’re interested in reading more, take a look at the complete version of the guide over at the Inferno Codex website.

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This route, works good as hell. Haha good joke :D


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