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Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Leveling Build – Part 2 of 3

by Jassper of The Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

Witch Doctor BuildIn Part 1 of the Witch Doctor Build Guide, I took you through some of the best skills to use in the early levels of your witch doctor’s life.  In Part 2, I am going to show you which skills you should be using between levels 11-20 and why I believe they will be the best choices for fast leveling.

Witch Doctor Leveling Build: Levels 11-20

Now we are getting into some of the really powerful abilities and skills available to the witch doctor class. Let’s take a lo0k at some of the skills you should be picking up between levels 11 and 20.

* UPDATE: Part 2 of this Witch Doctor Leveling build is now updated with the latest information from the final release of Diablo III.

Let’s get started!


Witch Doctor FirebatsActive Witch Doctor Skill – Firebats (Physical Realm)

Firebats continues to be a useful damage ability. At level 11, it’s time to add your first skill rune to it.

Best Skill Rune - Dire Bats

Dire Bats greatly increases the range of your Firebats ability to 40 yards. Additionally the damage is also increased to 220%. This rune really makes the Firebats skill a lot more useful, as you no longer have to be standing on top of your enemies to use it.

Witch Doctor Summon Zombie Dog

Active Witch Doctor Skill – Summon Zombie Dogs (Command)

Level 12 unlocks your first Zombie Dogs skill rune. I recommend using…

Best Skill Rune - Rabid Dogs

The Rabid Dogs skill rune causes each attack from each of your 3 zombie dogs to cause an extra 9% of YOUR damage over the course 3 seconds. Since your damage is quite a bit higher than your dogs’ and simple math tells us that means a total amount of extra damage of 27%, this rune is providing a pretty nice damage boost!

Witch Doctor Soul HarvestActive Witch Doctor Skill – Soul Harvest (Spirit Realm)

I still favor using Soul Harvest during these levels. At level 15 grab your first Soul Harvest skill rune.

Best Skill Rune – Swallow Your Soul

Swallow Your Soul gives you 39 mana for each target you hit with Soul Harvest. This is allows for a potential mana return of 195 every 15 seconds when Soul Harvest can be cast. Along with some of our other skill and rune choices, this is sure to keep you attacking and moving quickly without ever worrying about your mana pool.

Witch Doctor Spirit BarrageActive Witch Doctor Skill – Spirit Barrage (Spirit Realm)

Costing 108 mana to use, Spirit Barrage is a fairly straightforward attack that does 190% damage. This ability has some handy ruins coming up which I’ll be talking about in Part 3.

Best Skill Rune - (None available for levels 11-20)

Witch Doctor Gruesome FeastPassive Witch Doctor Skill – Gruesome Feast

For our second witch doctor passive skill, we will be using Gruesome Feast. This passive ability returns 10% of mana and buffs your intelligence by 10% any time you are healed by a health globe, whether you pick it up or a teammate does. For every health globe that you are healed by, you gain another 10% of both mana and intelligence, capping out at 50% of each.

This is quite an amazing skill that will boost both damage via intelligence and allow for sustained leveling by keeping your mana nice and high. Definitely grab this skill!


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Wrap Up

I hope you have enjoyed chapter 2 of this Witch Doctor Leveling Build Guide. Next up in the Witch Doctor Build Part 3, I am going to cover the final tier of spells and abilities that will round out this witch doctor power leveling build.


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