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Inferno Barbarian Stats – Why Strength Sucks

by Jassper of The Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

Diablo 3 BarbarianAs you level you level your barbarian throughout Normal, Nightmare, and even parts of Hell mode, it’s pretty easy to decide which stats to stack. Strength and +dmg, all the way. The mobs don’t hit too hard and the more damage you do, the faster you will move through the game.

Unfortunately, Inferno changes everything. In Inferno Mode, a DPS-based barbarian is going to drop like a ton of bricks. He just won’t be able to survive the incoming damage.

Once you hit the later stages of Hell on into Inferno, focus your stat allocation like this:

Resist All > Vitality > Strength > Armor

Ideally, to enter Inferno you’re going to want at least 30,000 HP. Once you’ve achieved that, gem strength and vitality at a 1:1 ratio, except of course for your weapon, which you’ll want to gem with rubies for the +dmg since it’s a massive DPS boost.

Speaking of weapons, a 1-hander and shield is the way to go. Save the 2-handers for the easier difficulties or possibly for Inferno group play if you’ve got a some healing along for the ride.

Something to keep in mind about vitality is that several abilities have life return abilities that are based on a percentage of your overall health pool. This makes vitality go even further if you choose to use these particular abilities:

  • Rend (with Blood Lust) – 9% of damage done returned as Life
  • Furious Charge (with Dreadnought) – 8% of max Life returned for each target hit
  • Overpower (with Revel) – 8% of max Life returned for each target hit

Wrap Up

While strength certainly has its place and is necessary for ending a fight in a reasonable amount of time, you must not neglect your more defensive stats. Survivability is paramount in the later stages of D3 and you need to spec, gear and gem accordingly.

That being said, there is definitely an art to picking the correct gear. Is Life On Hit better than Life On Kill or Life Regen? What about Critical Hit…how much of that should you have?

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