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Monk: Section 4: Monk Followers

by Jassper of The Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

As most of you probably already know, followers can be very useful throughout Diablo 3 to provide a bit of a free DPS boost and give a bit of extra survivability through their various buffs and abilities. However, for each class and particular play-style, there is a follower that best complements your setup. Let’s a take a closer look.

In general, you want to ask yourself a few questions like what type of enemies will you be fighting? Hordes of low level demons or one large boss? Will you be in close quarters or out in the open? Is the content difficult? Do you need heals, or will you be better off with more DPS? Also try to consider your preferred gaming style.

If you’re looking to mow down mobs with brute force, by all means grab whichever follower provides the highest DPS boost. On the other hand, if you prefer to make use of crowd control abilities or find yourself in hardcore mode and want to play it safe, choose the follower that gives you the most utility and defensive benefit.

I find that once you reach Inferno with the monk, there is typically a fairly clear-cut choice, at least for me, regarding which follower to choose.

In the next section, I will show you which follower I prefer and detail the exact spec and gear that I find to work the best.

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