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Monk: Section 7: The Ultimate Monk Inferno Build

by Jassper of The Diablo 3 Leveling Guide

In this chapter, I will outline what I believe to be one of the most survivable and hearty monk builds available. This build is meant for the player who is just starting out in Inferno Mode and is getting demolished.

You can use this build, with some minor adjustments, all the way from Act 1 of Inferno all the way to Diablo in Act 4. Once you’ve beaten all 4 acts and acquire some awesome gear, you may consider switching to a more DPS-focused build.

The skills and abilities I’ve chosen revolve primarily around increasing the survivability of your monk, while also providing enough utility and DPS to move through the game at a decent pace.

As with any class, there are a number of great builds you could choose for your monk and each build will require a slightly difference set of gear to complement its particular abilities.

While the build outlined below is the one that I have found to be extremely useful in surviving Inferno, it is certainly not the only way to clear all 4 acts. The great thing about Diablo 3 is the flexibility in the game’s design to be able to succeed with a variety of different builds, not just one cookie-cutter choice that every member of a class absolutely must follow.

That being said, I will now take you through each ability in this particular survival build and explain:

  • What each ability does…
  • Why I chose it…
  • How it synergizes with the rest of the build…

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